Help with Learning and Reading Difficulties

Help with Learning and Reading Difficulties

Help with Learning and Reading Difficulties

Help with Learning and Reading Difficulties

Help with Learning & Reading Difficulties in Collierville

Did you know that many kids and adults quietly suffer from debilitating vision problems? These conditions often slip past specialists in eye exams simply because suffering patients can read the 20/20 line. Find professional help today with learning and reading difficulties in Collierville. An undiagnosed binocular vision issue can greatly affect one's performance in work and school. It has been found that over 17% of people have trouble reading. While it may be manageable in the short term, the conditions can prove exhausting and discouraging in the long-term. But vision therapy is here to help!

Is it dyslexia or vision impairment?

First, what is dyslexia? Dyslexia is a common condition that results from a dysfunction in the brain. Dyslexia can create difficulty with reading fluently, spelling, writing, math, and reading comprehension. You can get help with learning and reading difficulties in Collierville by scheduling an appointment now.

Before jumping to the conclusion that your child has dyslexia, we suggest a vision therapy consultation. Many times, the underlying issue behind the reading difficulty is an inability of the eyes to work together properly. Although vision therapy does not treat dyslexia, it can help alleviate pain from some of its symptoms, especially if its symptoms are primarily resulting from the visual system. Come in for a consultation and we will be able to determine the cause of the learning and reading difficulty.

Is it a focusing disorder?
Poor concentration in work or school can be a sign that you have a visual focusing disorder. A focusing disorder is when the eyes have difficulty moving their focus from one object to another. Even if your or your child can read at the 20/20 line, they can still have underlying vision problems.

Common symptoms of a focusing disorder include:

  • Words on the page blur, double or move while reading

  • Headaches, fatigue, or strained eyes after prolonged time on a screen

  • Slow reading

  • Losing their place while reading

  • Taking hours to complete simple homework assignments

If your child has any of these symptoms, they may have focusing disorder. Being able to quickly move focus from one object to another is an essential skill for academic performance. From reading line by line to copying notes from the board into a notebook, an inability to focus the eyes results in a slowed ability to learn. Either way, you can get professional help with these reading and learning difficulties in Collierville.

How Can Vision Therapy in Collierville Help?

Difficulty reading and learning is very commonly related to binocular vision. Binocular vision is the ability of the eyes to work together to move and focus on objects. Vision therapy has the ability to build and strengthen the neural pathways between the brain and eyes which greatly improves any binocular vision impairment.

Vision therapy is like physical therapy for the eyes. It strengthens the eyes through visual exercises. Each treatment plan is specifically catered to the individual needs of the patient. If you think you or your child could benefit from vision therapy, give us a call today to schedule your first appointment!

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