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Even though glasses are a necessity for most people, we want that necessity to provide superior vision, comfort, durability and style. We use the latest lens technology to provide clear and comfortable vision. We have a wide selection of high quality frames for all shapes and sizes. We will take extra time with you to help you find eyewear that is just right for you.

My Frame Buying Approach

Since I’m a small, independent business, I have always preferred working with small, independent frame companies. I like to know the story and the people behind each brand of eyewear that I carry.

With that said there are some brands that most people recognize and ask for that are not small independent companies. So at my office you will find a mix of recognizable name brands and others that you may not recognize right away.

We have frames here for every budget. So if you are looking to find a pair of value priced glasses but don’t want the hassle of driving to Costco and standing in line we have that option for you. If you choose some of our value priced eyewear you will save both time and money while supporting a local family owned business that is going to offer you personalized care and support.

If you are looking for luxury we carry two recognizable European frame lines, Silhouette and Lindberg. Both of these frame lines are made from extremely durable and lightweight materials and are built to last. They are completely customizable so if you are looking for something more unique you can design your own frame from scratch.

When you consider lens choices it can be overwhelming knowing what is best for your prescription. Our experienced staff is here to guide you through that process and will make recommendations based on your individual needs and prescription.

Lens technology has developed quickly over the last few years and we offer only the best technology available on the market. You can think about lenses like iPhones. If you have purchased a lens that you had trouble with at a big box store it is likely that you bought an out of date lens just like buying an older phone.

We also offer superior anti-reflective/anti-scratch coatings that all have at least a one year warranty, although many will have a two year warranty. So you can feel confident that if your lenses are scratched or you have an issue with the coating during that time we will replace it at no cost to you. Most big box stores offer “standard” coatings which are more prone to peeling and scratches than the premium coatings we offer on all of our lenses.

While we do not require an appointment to purchase eyewear it would be best to call or text us ahead of time at 901-853-8180 and let us know you are coming so we can ensure that we have plenty of time to spend with you during your eyewear selection process.

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