Maximizing Visual Acuity

Maximizing Visual Acuity

Maximizing Visual Acuity

Maximizing Visual Acuity

How to maximize your visual acuity.

Most elite athletes watch their nutrition so that their bodies will perform at a high level.  However, most athletes don’t consider that the foods they consume also have a direct impact on their visual performance.

One could argue that vision performance is just as important as any other aspect in sports performance.  So paying attention to your nutrition and how it impacts your vision is very important.

When your eye is fixated on an object you are using a part of the eye known as the macula.  The macula is responsible for color vision and visual acuity.  It contains a high concentration of pigments called carotenoids. People that have higher concentrations of carotenoids in their macula have better visual acuity, contrast sensitivity, and glare reduction/recovery.

The three most common carotenoids are:




Carotenoids are pigments found in foods that give them their natural bright colors.  Leafy green vegetables, and brightly colored fruits and vegetables are all highly concentrated with carotenoids.  So eating these types of foods on a daily basis will build up the number of carotenoids found in your eyes leading to better vision.  So, if the food is dark green or brightly colored it is likely high in carotenoids and great for your eyes.

On the other hand, eating foods that are deficient in carotenoids are going to lead to poor vision.  Starchy carbohydrates like white potatoes and grains are not very nutrient-dense and will not do much to improve your vision.

If you are not consuming these nutrients through your diet I recommend a supplement called Fortifeye Focus.  You can find it on Amazon or through their website

One other aspect of ocular nutrition that is extremely important is hydration.  If you are not properly hydrated, your eyes will not produce healthy tears.  Healthy tears keep your visual acuity sharp and maintain moisture in contact lenses if you wear them.  If you do not have adequate tear production it can lead to fluctuating and cloudy vision, leading to inconsistent performance.

So in summary, eat your fruits and veggies and stay hydrated!

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