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Sports Vision Training: Are you Getting the Most out of your Game?

Sports Vision Training for Basketball Skills

There are numerous visual-perceptual skills that make the difference between a great and an exceptional basketball player. Strength and basic coordination are not enough to be at the top of the game. Operating out of Collierville, Dr. Brandon Walley works with aspiring and elite basketball players throughout Tennessee and beyond to improve these crucial skills.

Boys Playing Basketball Vision Therapy in Collierville, TN

The visual skills required for elite basketball performance include:

  • Predictive visual memory
  • Peripheral vision
  • Real-time reaction processing
  • Hand-eye coordination

These skills are what make the difference between professional play and weekend casual fun. Fortunately, these visual processes can be refined and improved through sports vision therapy. Using a series of drills and exercises customized to the player and demands of top basketball, Dr. Brandon Walley will work to retrain the neuro-visual processes which define how well an athlete performs these crucial visual tasks.

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Sports Vision Therapy for Basketball at Collierville Vision Center in Collierville, TN

Vision Skills Required By an Elite Basketball

Let’s take an example. The point guard is constantly surveying the court of players in motion. Who is open? When will they become open, based on all the moving parts of the game? Accuracy is everything and that depends entirely on visual processing skills such as predictive visual memory and peripheral vision to take in all the variables in motion on the court. It also requires exceptional and real-time reaction processing to choose the pass or shot that stands the best chance of success. And the same is true for any other position on the court.

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This is where sports vision training can help. Dr. Brandon Walley conducts assessments, drills, and exercises to expand a player’s peripheral vision so they can see the whole court and anticipate moves by the opposing team. At the same time, Dr. Brandon Walley will also work to improve hand-eye coordination, which leads to better ball handling skills and reaction time so that the player can be faster and adapt perfectly on-the-fly to high-speed play dynamics.

Sports vision training enhances all these neuro-visual skills for maximum speed, accuracy, and performance! Give us a call for a free consultation.