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Determining Your Dominant Eye

Just as we each have a dominant hand we use to our advantage, many might be surprised to know that we also have a dominant eye. Your dominant eye sees and functions better; its muscles are usually stronger and allow the eye to move from side to side, up and down, and diagonally. Determining your dominant eye can be incredibly useful, especially for athletes. Baseball players, for instance, hit better when they can see a pitch coming with their dominant eye first, and golfers putt better when they align their dominant eye over the ball. After all, no one expects a pitcher to throw with his non-dominant hand. The eyes are no different, and knowing your dominant eye can allow you to play at peak performance.

To determine your dominant eye, follow these steps:

1. Make sure you are wearing your glasses or contacts.

2. Locate an object ten to twenty feet away from you.

3. Extend your arms straight out in front of you and make a triangle with your hands.

4. Position the object at the center of your triangle so that it lines up directly with the center of your vision.

5. Close one of your eyes and observe the object, then close the other eye and observe the object.

When you close one of your eyes, the object appears to move away from the center of your triangle. If your left eye is closed and the object remains in the center, or if your right eye is closed and the object moves away from the center, then you are right eye dominant. If the opposite is true, then you are left eye dominant.

Several factors determine which is your dominant eye, such as having different prescriptions in one eye or the other. While it is normal for your vision to be slightly less clear in your non-dominant eye, consider having an eye exam if you are experiencing significant blurriness.

You can train your non-dominant eye to improve its performance with Sports Vision Training or Vision Therapy. If you are interested in improving vision in your non-dominant eye or have questions about determining your dominant eye, please contact us at Colliervillevision@Gmail.Com or call us at 901-853-8180.

See the attached video for a demonstration.

Dominant Eye

Have you ever wondered how to determine your dominant eye? This is a quick and simple demonstration to show you how.