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Vision Therapy

Female Child Eye Exam 1280x853Vision therapy is a series of treatment procedures prescribed by an optometrist to improve certain types of vision problems that cannot be helped with only glasses or contact lenses. Vision therapy is much akin to physical therapy for the eyes, during which vision disorders are corrected to improve the patients’ visual function and performance.

Patients with any of the symptoms listed below would benefit from Vision Therapy.

Observable Traits

  • Crossed or lazy eye.
  • Frequently tilting the head to one side or the other.
  • Excessive squinting, blinking or closing one eye.
  • Places head close to the page when reading.
  • Poor hand-eye coordination
  • Frequently bumps into things or drops things.
  • Difficulties catching or throwing airborne objects.
  • Appears to favor the use of one eye over the other.
  • Headaches in forehead or temples.
  • Burning or itching eyes, reddened in appearance.

Behavior Related Traits

  • Short attention span
  • Nervous, irritable, or quickly fatigued when reading or doing close work.
  • Displays signs of emotional or developmental immaturity.
  • Low frustration level, doesn’t get along well with others.
  • Nausea or dizziness
  • Motion sickness
  • Double vision

Work Skills

  • Repeatedly confuses left and right directions
  • Difficulty remembering what was read
  • Frequently loses places when reading or copying from the board or a book
  • Often reverses words
  • Uses finger to read
  • Struggles with hand writing
  • Rubs eyes after short periods of reading

Costs listed below

Testing – Vision Therapy Eye Exam In Collierville, TN

Functional Vision Exam; $250-Details of visit listed below.

Patient Education Visit (Free) After completing the Functional Vision Test and/or the Perceptual Testing Assessment, Dr. Walley will review the results of the testing and create an individualized treatment plan. Both the results of the testing and our doctor’s recommended treatment plan will be presented by a Collierville Vision Center representative to the patient and/or the patient’s legal guardian(s) at a free 60 minute Patient Education Visit. The purpose of the Patient Education Visit is to provide ample time to discuss the testing results and treatment plan as well as answer any questions that you may have.


Vision therapy visits cost $100 per one hour visit, or $50 per half hour visit. Typical treatment can last from 6 weeks to 6 months or longer depending on the severity of the condition. Your costs will be fully explained to you during the Patient Education Visit. Our Collierville optometrist is well aware of the expense of this program, especially considering many people pay for the expense out of pocket. However, considering the number of people we’ve helped and the lives we’ve transformed, it’s no wonder that many of our patients agree that the treatment costs were well worth the expense.

What Is Included In A Functional Vision Exam?

A Functional Vision Exam generally takes 60 – 90 minutes and includes a series of tests based on the patient’s individual needs. The doctor will first review the patient’s health and eye history, with emphasis on any visual problems and symptoms. This information is used to tailor the Functional Vision Exam, which includes tests on a wide range of visual skills.These tests are for the typical learning-related vision problems. Different tests may be required for other types of patients (developmental delay, brain injury, sports vision). The Functional Vision Exam includes:

  • The Pre-Test Assessment
  • The Examination Assessment
  • The End Visit

In some cases, an additional Perceptual Test may be required. Prices and descriptions of vision tests are included below.

Pre-Test Assessment:
  • Binocular space perception.
  • Color Perception
  • Stereopsis
  • Visual motor integration
  • Developmental eye movement (“tracking”)
  • Eye movements while reading
Examination Assessment:
  • Visual Acuity
  • Pursuits (ability to track a moving target) and Saccades (ability to switch fixation between two targets)
  • Ability to converge the eyes
  • Alignment of the eyes at distance and near
  • Visual Field
  • Refractive Condition
  • Ability to converge and diverge the eyes when looking at a distance target
  • Ability to converge and diverge the eyes when looking at a near target
  • Magnitude of focusing ability
  • Flexibility of focusing ability
  • Function in near tasks with various performance lenses
  • Pupillary reflexes
  • Internal and external ocular health